Storytelling now available with latest Power BI update

20 octobre 2017

Since October 5th, Power BI now has a very nice Bookmarks system that is available.

Thanks to this new system, traditionnal reporting is evolving one step further.

What is now possible is the opportunity to record a list of custom filtered views and to set them as bookmarks. But after that, Like in PowerPoint, we may put these bookmarks one after another a create a story.

That would be like going to the next slide in PowerPoint

Very efficient for a Management meeting !

[bookmark number 1] "this graph shows sales this Year, worldwide. The growth is only 5%But if you have a look at sales in Northern & Central Europe, for the Core products, during last Quarter [bookmark number 2], we can see that the growth is 21% !

On the other side [bookmark number 3], sales decreased for 5 products, but these products are not Core and bad sales occured almost in non strategic countries."


This is an example of how Bookmarks system can be used. Without the Bookmark system, the analyst would have to filter values during the meeting, and loose time to show his insights.

Don't hesitate to take a look at one of our tutorials, by clicking here! To know why Business Intelligence is growing, and how Power BI contributes to it, have a look at our article!

Now, it is just easier !

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