MYPE inserted sample data in this example, not to disclose any confidential information.

Client : L'Etudiant

Project duration : 2 months

Location : Paris

Project background : Implementation of a cloud-based reporting solution with data visualisation 

MYPE  built a scoring dashboard for french Business Schools, using public data from L'Etudiant Business Schools Rankings. The Scoring dashboard that you see here has been made possible thanks to a in-house method that is extremely difficult to reproduce. This scoring Dashboard could be made for any other subject : credit scoring for companies, scoring the performance / quality of a portfolio of products, etc.


This Dashboard includes custom visuals from Office Store such as Chiclet Slicers, DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) filtered values, conditional columns (Microsoft Power Query)...

It was shown at Microsoft France Headquarters (June 2017) for the Power BI club monthly meeting.

Type of request : Connexion web à 38 pages simultanément (site HTML)

Query parameters : Yes

Dataset on a group workspace : No

Data transformation scripts (using Microsoft M)  : Oui

Custom visuals from Microsoft Office Store : Oui

Scheduled data refresh : Non

Upon request data refresh: Oui

Row level security (RLS) and data segregation system : No

Ad hoc scores & data intelligence : Yes

Volumetry : ~5 000 rows

Client Benefits : 

-aggregation of all data from 40 pages into one single request

-scoring applied to raw data enabling easy understanding of

-ideal visualisation to compare a portfolio over multiple criterias

MYPE formation Power BI

MYPE -prononcer [Maïp']- signifie Make Your Process Easier.

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